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Our Mission

The members of GG DAO are thoroughly committed to bridging the gap between developers & gamers. This way of thinking led to the idea that the solution to building a sustainable, decentralized, blockchain gaming ecosystem is not to bring NFTs into gaming, but to bring gaming directly to NFTs.


“Don’t bring NFTs into games; bring gaming to NFTs.”

Playable NFTs

GG DAO is utilizing the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize the gaming industry & provide users a level of engagement that was previously unprecedented. Our character NFTs are designed to allow the users complete freedom of ownership by being able to customize, upgrade, and gain access to exclusive content. Every playable character NFT provides direct access to every game it appears in. By putting the power back into the hands of the user, GG DAO aims to grant true ownership to gamers by creating assets that they control and own.


GG DAO develops a wide array of games to provide users a diverse and fun-filled experience for gamers of all types. With everything from side-scrolling platformers & puzzle games to high-speed kart racers, and more. GG DAO aspires to take the common “play-to-earn” aspects of NFT gaming and incorporate them into a new model they have dubbed “play and earn”. The main goal of GG DAO is to allow gamers to have direct input into the development of play-to-earn games that they actually want to play and can enjoy while doing so.

GG Verse

The GG DAO universe is built from the ground up with the aim of being fully interoperable with any future technology, devices, and metaverse environments. Together, with the community, we have developed a beneficial relationship that spans across our character NFTs, utility items (such as karts and potions) and suite of games that have already been released along with those that are currently in development.

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