For Developers

Developers are an extremely important cog in the whole machinery that powers GoodGame DAO. This is why we believe in fairly compensating developers for the work that they put in. If you are a game developer, you will have a chance to present your game idea and make it a reality. The platform will fund and help organize the resources you require to make your game.

As a game developer you are able to negotiate a fair price for your work and obtain genesis tokens for the characters used in the game. You may also receive royalties on the game(s) & products you develop which would all be guaranteed through the utilization of cryptocurrency “smart-contracts”.

GG DAO has been designed from the ground up with the idea of fair compensation for all of the stakeholders involved. With the lopsided compensation models of traditional organizations, the majority of the profits are enjoyed by a very small minority. In contrast to that, our developers can feel part of a truly alive machine that benefits all of the people involved in a proportional way relative to their efforts. We are not just reinventing the wheel; we are reinventing the whole car.

For a more thorough explanation on the entire GG DAO ecosystem, how the many different parts interact with each other, and exactly what you can do to get involved you may read our published Whitepaper at

If you are a game developer, programmer, or just have a really good video-game idea that is already mostly fleshed out you may submit an application to further explore & negotiate the opportunity for your game to be released through the GG DAO platform:

GG DAO Sponsorship Application