Our Team

The founding partners of the Good Game Decentralized Autonomous Organization are Jordan, Kevin, Rekar, & Benjamin. After realizing their shared passions in NFTs, video-games, art, and decentralization, the obvious next course of action was to found GG DAO. After 10 months of development on our own, we’re ready to show the world & put together a team of great minds to help accomplish our collective goals.


Jordan DuBoise

Chief Operation Officer / Co-CEO

Jordan, aka Crvne, is our project curator. Aside from being a web3 enthusiast & passionate gamer he is constantly trying to push the boundaries of the capabilities of blockchain technology in an effort to bridge the gap between NFTs & gaming as well as the one between developers & gamers.


Kevin Keller

Chief Financial Officer / Co-CEO

Kevin, aka Gravy, is a certified Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and co-founder of Junkyard Dogs. He’s a numbers guy to the core and has endless ideas to expand the project. It’s only fitting that he manages and oversees the complex structure that makes up GG DAO’s rewarding economy.


Rekar Dilanson

Chief Technical Officer / Quality Control / Co-CEO

Rekar, aka Monono, has a master’s degree in structural engineering and is an artist at heart. He has been working as a consultant since 2014 and is confident in his ability to help lead a project to success. His experience in 3D structural design has allowed him to develop a keen eye for detail and plays a significant role in the quality control procedures that go into the GG DAO content creation processes. He has a special talent for breaking down and implementing changes while eloquently communicating our vision with other artists and developers.

Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey

Lead Game Developer

Eric, aka Blue Tengu, is a two-decade veteran of the video game industry, where he has done everything from directing and producing to level design, scripting, scenario writing, and Japanese-to-English localization. He has a doctor's degree in knowledge science for his research on how to improve game development practices with data. More than anything, he loves games and the wider creative industry, and the joy of digging in to make things fun.


Jocce Marklund

Game Development Advisor

Jocce, aka Joccish, is a BAFTA awarded game developer who has been running his own indie game studio since 2010. Being an indie game developer, he has a broad skill set and is more than capable of designing and developing a game completely by himself, consulting teams or teaching game development, as well as planning and leading teams to deliver a finished product.


Benjamin Hopper

Lead Design Artist

Benjamin, aka HopDesign, was born into an art family and attained Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. After over a decade of professional corporate branding experience, he is excited to use that skill set creating art and content he is passionate about.


Corey Le Von Dunn

3D Generalist

Corey, aka 32Notes, has a masters degree in computer graphics. He has been working in the advertising and communication field since 2015, creating high quality content for social media, websites and exhibitions. He also specializes in 3D printing miniatures and vinyl toys. His dedication to the GG DAO project stems from his passion for video-games and the blockchain industry as a whole.


Jon Manning

Social Identity Manager

Jon, aka Jaqenhghr, has experience managing online communities for over 20 years. He is a web developer by trade and specializes in building custom Shopify themes; primarily for women-run, creative businesses. As a record label owner he knows how to help bring people’s artistic dreams to fruition.